Why Berkebile Excavating?

Berkebile Excavating Company, Inc. was founded by Todd J. Berkebile in 1978. For thirty-five years, we have been one of the premier excavators and contractors in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Insured and Bonded

We are bonded and fully insured with a $5,000,000 umbrella.

Utmost Attention to Detail

We represent an unblemished record. We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines and completing our work with utmost attention to detail.

A Seasoned Workforce

We perform 95% of our work in-house. Our workforce averages 15 employees but has fluctuated as high as 32 depending on demand. Our workforce includes seasoned supervision.

Fully-Equipped Service Truck and Repair/Maintenance Facility

Our workforce includes journeymen mechanics with a fully equipped service truck and repair/maintenance facility. Almost all machinery repairs are done-in house with the exception of automatic transmissions.

Extensive Experience

The past job history for Berkebile Excavating is very extensive. Our past projects include:

  • Flight 93 National Memorial, site work
  • Cambria County War Memorial, site work for new paving, walks, and building addition
  • Frank J. Pasquerilla Center, site work for new conference center
  • Johnstown Point Stadium, site work, and drainage, geotechnical drilling

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